The lemon is one of the botanical illustrations of the exhibition

The exhibition "Botanical Details" shows botanical illustrations by artist Bent Johnsen (1919-2004).

The illustrations are enhancing details of the plants, such as singular leafs or petals, in other ways than a photography is able to.

The exhibition allows you to delve into the illustrations and their abundance of details. Afterwards you can go have a look around the greenhouses and see if you can identify any of the plants from the illustrations. For further details and information on the plants, you can also download the free app "Useeum" (only in Danish).

Bent Johnsen taught classes on drawing plants at the Botanical Institute of the University of Copenhagen, and in his lifetime he illustrated a number of botanical works – "Mountain Flora of Greece" (1987-91) and "Orchids of Scandinavia" (1994) just to mention a few.

In 1996, Johnsen was awarded the Linnean Society’s Honorary Award for his botanical illustrations. The illustrations were made to be used in botany lessons at Aarhus University.

Besides being beautiful, the illustrations enhance those parts of the plants that are important for classification, for instance a single flower.

Guided tour of the exhibition

We offer guided tours of the exhibition. The tour gives you a look behind the scenes and you can learn how the illustrations were made and which traditions that lies behind them. Please contact us if you would like to book a tour in English.