Development of Science Park in Aarhus

In the southern part of Aarhus, you find the Ole Rømer Observatory, which has been scheduled to preserve its unique appearance. The beautiful, yellow building is an architectural and historical gem. However, the buildings need immediate restoration if future generations are to look out into space and into the history of Aarhus. Furthermore, until now the observatory has only been open to the public during the darkest months of the year and has been inaccessible for people with disabilities.

The vision for the Ole Rømer Observatory is to put the observatory more clearly on the map as a part of Aarhus and the cultural heritage of Aarhus University. Moreover, we wish to strengthen the community cohesion with Kongelunden and Aarhus. Anton Rosen’s iconic building and its surroundings are going to be a Science Park and platform for exploring natural science in a beautiful, historical environment.

The entire project is established in three phases:

  1. To restore the building and return it to a more original appearance
  2. To extend the use of the building and garden with improved, all-year educational facilities
  3. To ensure accessibility for everyone.