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Science Summer Fun

Are you over the moon about Science?

We offer fun & exciting science activities at the Steno Museum and in the Greenhouses throughout the summer holidays – regardless of whether it is raining or shimmering sunshine.

During the summer holidays, we do not wind down our passion for science. On the contrary, the Science Museums offer a lot of opportunities to have fun science experiences. 

For instance, we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing with a mini-exhibition that allows you to take a seat in period furniture and watch the official video of the moon landing on TV. 

At the Steno Museum, you can also:

  • Learn about the solar system with our Magic Planet
  • Experience a show about the night sky in our Planetarium, every day (except Mondays) at 12.00 and 14.00 (in Danish). 30 kr.
  • Experience the new exhibitions DNA Chips and Dental Care, Profession and Passionand The inquisitive mind 
  • Experience the exhibitions Dear Body, Difficult Body, Ovulations and Epidemics
  • Take a stroll or enjoy your packed lunch in the beautiful medicinal herb garden
  • Shop till you drop in the museum shop

Opening hours at the Steno Museum Saturday 29 June to Sunday 11 August (both days inclusive)

Tuesday to Sunday: 10.00-16.00.

Mondays: Closed.

In the Greenhouses, you can:

  • Experience the plants in the house
  • Experience the exhibition Botanical Details and do a little drawing activity
  • Take a stroll in the Danish Plant Communities and the Botanical Garden
  • Attend the tour ‘Taste the world in Aarhus’ every Wednesday at 18:00 during the summer (in Danish)
  • Experience the plants in twilight and have dinner in the café every Wednesday when the Greenhouses are open until 22:00.

The museums in the University Park

The Steno Museum is situated in the University Park together with Naturhistorisk Museum and The Museum of Ancient Art. The park provides ample opportunities both for walking and enjoying a packed lunch in the green, recreational surroundings.

The University Park is created in a beautiful, hilly terrain around two artificial lakes and is landscaped in 1933 by landscape architect C. Th. Sørensen. The architectural firm C. F. Møller is behind the unique design of the park architecture and has drawn almost all the university buildings from 1931 up until today. South of the main building of the university, an open air auditorium is constructed as an arena with about 3.000 seats. Aarhus University Park is the largest oak tree park in Denmark and has a varied wildlife comprising birds, squirrels, hares and bats.

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