During the summer holidays you and your family can be ScienceDetectives and help the two Martian children Pi and My.

The two Martian children Pi and My have lived  on Mars in a closed ecosystem since they were born. They have a magic mailbox from which they can send letters to Earth.

Pi and My are really curious and want to know what it is like to live on Earth. That's why they need YOUR help!

ScienceTakeaway contains the letters from Pi and My and lots of exciting science fun for the whole family.

Be ScienceDetectives together, and help Pi and My get to know the amazing planet we live on. Order your ScienceTakeaway package and get exciting  summer holiday experiences.

ScienceTakeaway contains among other things a real meteorite, different types of science kits, a star map, small astronomy books, herbarium sheets and much more science fun! There is also a special free ticket for the whole family to the Steno Museum in Aarhus.

Bring ScienceTakeaway with you on holiday, or use it at home with your family and friends.

At the Steno Museum and in the Greenhouses in Aarhus, you can also post a special summer holiday letter to Pi and My in “Den magiske Marspostkasse”.

The target group is primarily 6-12 year olds and their families, but younger and older  children can easily join.

Price: 1 pcs. ScienceTakeaway DKK 299 2 pcs. DKK 500 plus shipping.

You can also buy ScienceTakeaway in our museum shop. It is possible to order ScienceTakeaway in danish and german (from 10. august)


ScienceTakeaway includes: 

  • A real meteorite
  • Different types of science kits
  • A star map that helps navigate the starry sky
  • Guides for all tasks
  • A free ticket to the Steno Museum for the whole family


  • Build a model of the constellation Cassiopeia and explore other constellations.
  • Make botany sheets with pressed plants.
  • Build an Enclosed Ecosystem of Plants.
  • Do small experiments with wires, batteries and bulbs.

There are  activities for 4-5 days - and inspiration for little fun science hobbies in the future. It is a good idea to read Pi and My's letters and instructions, which are in the bag, before you start.

ScienceTakeaway is supported by Danmarks Erhvervsfremmebestyrelse.