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Experience the Greenhouses

Discover 4 different climate zones with stories about nature and plants from all over the world.


In The Greenhouses botany and nature are in the center. Told for both children and adults.

Explore 4 different climate zones with beautiful flowers and impressive plants or take a break in the cafe and enjoy the food and the green surroundings. In the plant collections and many other places in the Greenhouses you can hear stories of nature's wealth and influence in our daily lives.

The first floor provides a opportunity to see an oversized oak leaf . In our class rooms schools and high school classes can have workshops and Aarhus 'green' associations have meetings and other activities.

The Café serves traditional food with a twist - delicious, simple and rustic. Welcome to the Greenhouses - nature's house and Aarhus´ Best Family Experience 2015

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Revised 01.05.2019