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Botanical Garden

Væksthus i Botanisk Have, Aarhus Universitet (Billede: C. F. Møller)

The Greenhouses and the Botanical Garden provide a green space in the centre of Aarhus.

Here you can relax, experience fascinating stories about nature, and enjoy yourself in the café in the Greenhouses.


Ole Rømer-Observatoriet, Observatorievej · 8270 Højbjerg. Henvendelse til Steno Museet · Telefon 871 55415

Get a rare glimpse into the stars and planets of the universe through the large telescopes at the Ole Rømer Observatory. Hear about the mysteries of astronomy as well as the latest discoveries.


Billedet er fra Herbariet i Universitetsparken, hvor der ikke er adgang for publikum

A fascinating collection featuring 750,000 sheets of dried plants.

The Herbarium is not open to the public, but you can see some of the sheets of dried plants in the Herbarium’s online database.

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