The Botanical Garden – one of the largest parks in Aarhus

The Botanical Garden is a beautiful place for a run or a stroll, and the park offers lots of experiences for everyone. In here you are very welcome to set foot on the lawns and spread a blanket for a picnic.

The garden is situated in a hilly area. Here are extensive lawns with grand, impressive trees, and small, intimate rooms in the midst of the greenery. A stream runs through the entire garden, forms three lakes, and runs on through Den Gamle By - “The Old Town” – and its canals.

Picnic in the garden

Tables and benches can be found in all parts of the garden so it is easy for you to sit and enjoy your packed lunch.

If you're bringing a disposable grill, find and use one of the picnic tables which features a metal plate for grills. When you're finished grilling, the grill goes in the special rubbish bins for disposable grills. 

Visit the special areas

The Alpine Beds and Danish Plant Community are interesting areas to visit. The Rose Bed, Theme Gardens and the Collection of Grasses and Perennials are other interesting places in the garden. The areas are tended by volunteers, the Friends of the Botanical Garden.

Map of the Botanical Garden, Aarhus.

The Botanical Garden is owned by Aarhus Municipality. Read more about the history of the garden, accessibility etc.