Our main topics

The Science Museums offer a variety of workshops within the natural sciences. Our main topics are:

  • Astronomy - exhibition, planetarium, and observatory
  • Physics - exhibition on investigations of the invisible world of radiation and waves
  • Medicin/health - exhibitions on epidemics, body ideals, and how to make babies with technology
  • Plants - climate zones, evolution, and characteristics of plants

Three locations

Steno Museum

At the Steno Museum contains exhibitions on astronomy, physics, research life, the welfare system, and the teenage body. Moreover, we also have a Planetarium in which you can experience the night sky with its beautiful stars and planets.

The Greenhouses in the Botanical Garden

Inside the Greenhouses, you will discover the life of plants from around the world. Our four climate zones active every sense and facilitate topics such as sustainability, climate, and the relationship between people and nature.

Ole Rømer Observatory

The Ole Rømer Observatory is a time warp back to early astronomy in Aarhus. Here, you can experience the nature within our Science Park surrounding the observatory and look through a real telescope.