Discovering the secret life of plants. The photo exhibition "Fabulous Flowers" shows the diversity and distinctive beauty found in ordinary plants in the Danish nature.

When you study a plant or flower up close, a fascinating world reveals itself. A new exhibition in the Greenhouses gives a unique look into the flowers' secret life. All the photos are of ordinary Danish plants.

Each photo in the exhibition shows every single detail and lets you experience the glass-clear dust traps, bulging dust buttons, radiant pollen and bizarre hair. You can find a flower in the exhibition, and then go find the species in the garden or in nature.

If you have a magnifying glass or app with 8-10 times magnification - and a little patience - you will be able to discover some of the plant parts you see in the photos. Read more about the individual plants in the digital plant guide Useeum.

About the photographer

Photographer Jens H. Petersen is also a biologist, fungus specialist and author. Even before studying biology, photography was his great passion, and photography has followed him all the way, both as a subject illustration and art.