The Ole Rømer Observatory was designed by the architect Anton Rosen in the early 1900s and was completed in 1911.

Now, the listed building has been restored and brought back to its original splendour, reopening 25 September 2023, on Ole Rømer's 379th birthday.

The educational facilities have been modernised, and accessibility has been improved for people with disabilities.

The Ole Rømer Observatory is part of the Science Museums, Aarhus University.

The restoration of the Ole Rømer Observatory and the development of a Science Park in Aarhus are funded by:

The philanthropic organization Realdania: DKK 4.5 m.

Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansens Fond: DKK 4 m.

Salling Fondene: DKK 2 m.

Nordea-fonden: DKK 2 m.

Kongelunden, Aarhus Kommune: DKK 1 m.

Aarhus Universitet: DKK 3.5 m.

Vision for the Ole Rømer Observatory

The vision for the Ole Rømer Observatory is to put the observatory more distinctly on the map as a part of Aarhus’ and Aarhus University’s cultural heritage and strengthen community cohesion in Kongelunden and Aarhus. Anton Rosen’s iconic building and the surroundings of the observatory are going to be a science park and a platform for state of the art scientific communication in a beautiful, historical environment.