Learn more about major pandemics throughout history

Many epidemical diseases are immensely rare in Denmark and our fear of epidemics has decreased in pace with better hygiene and medicinal breakthroughs such as penicillin. Regardless, an epidemic like polio claimed many lives when it swept over Denmark in 1952. During the first month of the epidemic, nearly 30 children and youngsters died and the epidemic was out of control.

We are under constant threat from new bacteria and viruses.

The exhibition ‘Epidemics’ tells the story about six epidemics:

  • The plague
  • Copper
  • Tuberculosis
  • Polio
  • AIDS
  • Ebola

The exhibition centres around specific objects and scenarios.

Denmark’s role in the fight against Ebola

Denmark played an important part in holding back the outbreak. The exhibition features one of the practise-bodysuits used in connection with the outbreak in West Africa in 2014-15. The exhibition also features a film where Tue Linderoth, who was deployed in West Africa as a nurse, tells his story and experiences